The Website Committee

Consistent with AA’s primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other alcoholics achieve recovery, Northern Illinois Area District 10 maintains an internet website that provides a variety of information for visitors who may or may not be familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous.  This website is used to share meeting detail and contact information, and also to provide a means for groups to submit updates or changes to their meetings.  Website visitors can browse information related to local district, area, regional, and national activities, including calendar events, flyers, and newsletter archives.  The site is also a tool for those involved or wishing to get involved in general service – offering committee contact information, position descriptions, and links to other helpful websites.

The district website chair utilizes several tools to facilitate and support website operation, including WordPress, Gmail, and Zoom.  This person attends the monthly district meeting (typically 4th Sundays at 6:00 PM) and reports website activity.

What skillset is required for the website chair?  A fundamental understanding of computers, the ability to cut and paste, attach documents to emails and learn a new computer program.  Our website was developed as a plug and play program within WordPress that makes it easy for individuals without a technology background to manage it.  While some technological expertise may occasionally be helpful, support from the Area Website Chair and General Service office are available.

Please use the from below to contact the website committee.

Contact District 10 Web Chair