Serenity House COVID-19 Guidelines

To  ensure  that  Serenity  House  stays  open  during  this  unprecedented time,  we  ask  that  all  visitors  and  members  adhere  to  the  following new  House  restrictions.  Anyone  who  does  not  adhere  to  these restrictions  will  be  asked  to  leave  the  premises.  We  ask  that everyone  be  respectful  of  those  around  you  in  the  spirit  of  Love and  Tolerance.
—  Face  masks  must  be  worn  at  all  times.  Serenity  House  will  not  be providing  masks.
—  Social  distancing  and  posted  room  occupancy  restrictions  must  be adhered  to. Chairs in the large meeting room are positioned at least 6 feet apart. This accommodates 24 people (22 guests, plus the chairperson and guest speaker as applicable).
—  The  lower  level  is  closed  until  further  notice.
—  Coffee  service  is  discontinued  and  the  kitchen  area  is  closed  until further  notice.
—  All  literature  has  been  removed  to  limit  the  spread  of  germs.  We ask  that  groups/visitors  bring  their  own  literature .
—  No  loitering  inside  Serenity  House.  Only  those  people  attending authorized  meetings  are  allowed  in  the  House  until  further  notice.
—  We  ask  that  each  meeting  chairperson  (along  with  volunteers from  each  meeting)  assist  in  disinfecting  high  touch  areas  after each  meeting.  Disinfectant  will  be  provided  by  Serenity  House.  High touch  areas  include  but  are  not  limited  to  chairs,  door  handles,  light switches,  bathroom  faucets  and  touch  controls.
— Weather permitting, holding regular meetings outdoors on Serenity House property of no more than 10 people while practicing social distancing is permitted.
— Each group is autonomous. With that said, the availability of Zoom/online meetings is up to the individual group/meeting. Serenity House does not provide, sponsor, or collect rent for Zoom meetings.
The  Board  of  Serenity  House  thanks  you  for  your  cooperation  and ongoing  support.  Any  questions  can  be  directed  to  the  Board. Contact  information  can  be  found  by  the  front  entrance.
Serenity  House  Board  of  Directors